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Crematorium and Cemetery fees

Waseley Hills Crematorium (Rubery) Price
Cremation Fee (60 minute booking time)
9:00am and 9:30am
10:00am and 4:00pm
Direct Cremation Fee
Birmingham City Council Crematoriums Price
Lodge Hill , Yardley and Sutton Coldfield Crematoriums
Birmingham City Council Cemeteries Price
Kings Norton Cemetery (New Grave for 2)
Sutton New Hall Cemetery (New Grave for 2)
Quinton Cemetery (New Grave for 2)
Solihull Borough Council Crematoriums Price
Robin Hood and Woodlands Crematorium
Solihull Borough Council Cemetery Price
Widney Manor Cemetery and Woodlands Cemetery
£3,750.00 (Local resident fee)
Robin Hood Cemetery (Limited space)
£3,750.00 (Local resident fee)
Redditch Borough Council Crematorium Price
Redditch Crematorium
£888.30 (Non-Resident)
Birmingham Perry Bar Crematorium Price
Perry Bar Crematorium Cremation fee
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